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Akesis – Sybarisis

By May 5, 2020May 8th, 2020No Comments

The cen­tral paradox of my life will, I pre­dict, be the tandem sybaritic and ascetic zeit­geists within which I move and between which I can dis­cover no func­tional oppo­si­tion, how­ever coun­ter­in­tu­itive that may seem. To find vir­tu­ally nothing at odds in living both with extreme thrift and great indul­gence, having far in excess of need while con­suming less than those in the bottom quin­tile. A paradox for sure, but not one that is too dif­fi­cult to tease out if you avoid starting with for­mu­laic ide­olo­gies. Ours is an era that could be char­ac­ter­ized by a kind of frugal, low-key, wide­spread deca­dence, min­i­mizing con­sump­tion while pre­serving and pro­longing the plea­sur­able­ness of yesterday’s prodi­gality and sunk-costs. A set of cir­cum­stances that could only follow from the out­ra­geous sur­feit that pre­vened them… It’s an intriguing time and one the poten­tial of which I’m sure we’ll squander through macro rather micro immoderateness.