Profile of

Adam Bond

Hus­band, Father ×2, Scrivener, Ver­si­fier, Graphic Maker, Anglican, Humanist, Con­ser­va­tionist, Restorer of Fiddly Bits, Allentonian

What I Do
  • Type Com­po­si­tion
  • Illus­tra­tion
  • Scrivenry
  • Ver­si­fi­ca­tion
  • Idling
  • Child Rearage
  • House­wifery
  • Antiquing
  • Grease­mon­keying
  • Wood­working

The proper def­i­n­i­tion of a man is an animal that writes letters. 


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    A Bit More

    The Dull Stuff

    I am 32 years old; a bisexual man; a hus­band; a stay-at-home fa­ther of two boys; a house­keeper and pass­able home cook, a life­long Penn­syl­vanian, an adopted Allen­tonian, a neigh­bor and a wit­ness; a fol­lower and dis­ci­ple oChrist Je­sus; an Epis­co­palian of some­what reformed but mostly lat­i­tu­di­nar­ian churchmanship.

    Since 2018 the Director of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion for Trinity Church, Princeton; for­merly the Mis­sioner for Com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the Epis­co­pal Dio­cese of Beth­le­hem; an in­sup­press­ible scrivener of the worst sort; a ver­si­fier who feigns to be a poet; a maker: type­set­ter, printer, sta­tioner, il­lus­tra­tor, book­binder, web de­signer, re­storer of fiddly bits, tin­kerer, butcher, baker, can­dle­stick maker, and domestic wielder of the uni­versal stick.

    Finally, I am a con­form­ing non-con­­formist who is non-tra­di­­tion­ally tra­di­tional; an indi­vid­u­alist and col­lec­tivist who doesn’t under­stand the dis­tinc­tion; a clas­sical con­ser­v­a­tive in some senses, a clas­sical lib­eral in others; eco­nom­i­cally, a Key­ne­sian revivalist; philo­soph­i­cally, a prag­ma­tist (James) and empiri­cist (Hume); a chris­t­ian hu­man­ist; someone com­fort­able with a plu­rality of epis­te­molo­gies oper­ating in tandem and tension.

    Roles + Responsibilities


    Director of Communication
    at Trinity Church, Princeton

    Member of the Board
    at the A’town Preser­va­tion Leag.

    Free­lance Graphic Maker
    at Bond & Sons

    Fac­totum of Domestic Machinery
    at House of Bond